Q: I am a developer and want to join a Trac project (<PROJECT> What do I have to do?
A: 1. Get an account. 2. Request project membership.

Q: I am a developer and want to join a Gitlab project ( What do I have to do?
A: 1. Get an account. 2. Contact the owner of the Gitlab project to add you.

Q: I have problems when changing my password and then to relogin. What can be done?
A: This is an browser issue. Some browsers keep login data in their cache. To be sure you logged out please close the browser (all browser windows).

Q: I have forgotten my password. How can I get a new one?
A: You could reset your password and get a new one mailed to you.

Q: My mail address changed. How can I have it updated in OpenDFKI?
A: Send a mail to admin (at) opendfki (dot) de.

Project admins

Q: Can I host my project at your site?
A: If you maintain or intent to setup an open source project at DFKI, this should be okay.

Q: Ok, I am a DFKI developer and I need a home for my project. What do I have to do?
A: See the project request page to the left. If you are not sure whether your project is suitable for OpenDFKI, send a mail to admin (at) opendfki (dot) de.

Q: I have a project on this server and want to give other developers access to the project.
A: Have a look at the left side, "Administration Area".

Q: What types of access rights exist?

  • Trac access rights, i.e., who can do what in the project's Trac (wiki pages, ticket system, etc.). Initially, the project admin (the person who registered the project) can change access rights in the Trac "Admin" tab, including giving Trac admin rights to developers of the project. Do not confuse Trac admin access with project admin access - the first is needed for configuring Trac, the latter for adding developers to the project on this page.
  • SVN commit access is given to anyone who is added as a developer to the project using "Administration area" to the left. Anonymous checkout is typically enabled and can be disabled by OpenDFKI admins only.
On the project admin can add further developers to the project. If you want to have more than one admin per project, you need to contact OpenDFKI admins.